Edgar Barroso appointed Resident Tutor at Adams House – Harvard University



Edgar Barroso will serve as a Resident Tutor for students in the fields of music, math, technology and the humanities.

Resident Tutors are valued and important members of the staff of Harvard College who play a vital role in the residential and educational life of undergraduates. Each House in the College forms a small academic and social community in which Resident Tutors and undergraduates live, eat, socialize and study together within the larger context of the College and University. Because of the informal nature of this environment, and the unique character of each individual House, it is important for both Tutors and students to understand Tutors’ multiple roles within the House system as a whole.

Also, Academic Advising: Composed of members drawn from across FAS departments and from various Schools within the University, the tutorial staffs help create Houses environments conducive to advising in a broad context, extending beyond, but not exclusive of, specific concentration advising. Each House designs its academic advising structure a little differently, but almost all Tutors have academic advising responsibilities.


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