OVER-PROXIMITY For Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, One Snare Drum, Two Maracas and Piano.


We are now so close to each other. Social networks have been sharing our lives, ideas, pictures, videos to the world since some years ago. These hyper-connectivity has created the possibility to maintain relationships that otherwise would not be possible, such as long distance relationships and online collaboration. Nonetheless, despite all these advantages, this over-proximity to our lives, has brought a new form of stress to society. What we published in these networks could make somebody else uncomfortable, upset, even miserable, and could be someone that you don’t even know. Your “happiness” expressed in your pictures, could be a trigger of someone else’s depression at the other side of the world. People are now comparing to one another constantly. This piece is an exploration of musical materials that are too close to each other, either rhythmically, energetically, or referring to pitch content. This piece is a personal reflection on the consequences that we produce when we published something on the web. The music material was created thinking in the Over-Proximity idea of having people looking at others people’s lives. A given in today’s world.


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