Xelo Giner performs IOD for saxophone and electronics at Aveiro Conservatory in Portugal



Xelo Giner

Saxophone musician and teacher of contemporary chamber music at the Conservatorio Superior of Music in Aragon. Concert musician sponsored by the German firms Julius Keilwert.

Iod is the Greek root for violet. Dedicated to the saxophonist Xelo Giner, Iod searches the relationship between the electronics and the saxophone highlighting the instrument sound, and extend it timbre and dynamic wise. The outline of the piece is planned so that the temporal distance between the interactions between the saxophone and electronics are quite short. The strategy to achieve this relationship in the piece, is to compose it as a piece for piano, the saxophone representing the right hand and the electronics the left hand. In this way the different interactions between the saxophone and electronics, create line and counterpoint relations.

May 2 – 2009


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