Beta Collide premieres “NO*ISS*PA” at the Oregon Bach Festival – June 24



No-Iss-Pa by Edgar Barroso, performed by Beta Collide / Oregon Bach Festival by edgarbarroso_2

BETA COLLIDE is a leading edge new music ensemble based in Oregon. Directed by Molly Barth (formerly of eighth blackbird) and Brian McWhorter (of Meridian Arts Ensemble), BETA COLLIDE focuses on the collision of musical art forms – from new complexity to ambient; from low-brow to high-brow; from radically extended technique to site-specific improvisation; from popular to the academy. Described as “sensational” by NPR’s music critic Tom Manoff, the ensemble frequently performs with guests that stretch the concert experience [Roger Hayes painting live on large-format canvasses – Stephen Vitiello creating graphic scores for musical realization – Amit Goswami speaking about his new research in quantum physics and its relationship with consciousness – Jeffrey Stolet performing his own electronic music with Wii controllers and flashlights]. The 2008-09 season features a stunning array of virtuosic soloists and chamber musicians such as bass-baritone Nicholas Isherwood, pianist David Riley, violinist Lisa McWhorter, and percussionist/sommelier Phillip Patti.


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