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This website is a sort of a music diary where I share music, videos, ideas, current and future projects, dreams and everything that comes to mind. I’m thankful and glad that you are here. You can hear about news and concerts in the BLOG section of this website.

This website is focused on my music and academic research concerning music composition. You can listen to my music in the WORKS section of this website.

As some of you may know, I share my composing time with corporate and social entrepreneurship. I am particularly interest in trans-disciplinary collaboration and its applications to different sectors of society. I am convince that by working together towards a common goal, we are able to create community based innovation regardless of the field of interest. Art, business, science, public policy, etc. Although it is still in construction, you can find more information at: http://opensourcecreation.org/

Finally I have a kind of free writing blog in Spanish. Here I write about anecdotes and opinions about topics that I’m interested in. If you are a Spanish speaker, please visit: http://edgarbarroso.org/

Lastly this is a project that I’m very excited about for social collaboration in Mexico, We are close to the 9000 members by the end of this year and it seems that this movement will continue to grow, check it out (it is in Spanish though): http://minutospormexico.org/


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