“Metric Expansion of Space” by Edgar Barroso on Italian Limenmusic Web Tv performed by Corrado Rojac – 30 September, 2011

Edgar Barroso Corrado Rojac

First Italian earning an accordion Diploma at a State Conservatorio, Corrado Rojac is considered one of the most important italian accordionists. In addiction to an intense soloist and chamber activity, this eclectic artist is engaged to the development of contemporary accordion’s literature, working with many composers and offering first performances of many pieces.
In this concert, he performs three unpublished pieces of young composers:

Gabriele Vanoni – Corde di recita
Trevor Baĉa – L’imaginaire
Edgar Barroso – Metric expansion of space

Limemusic is an offspring of Associazione Culturale Limen, founded in 1991, the brainchild of twenty years of musical research. What at the beginning was an experimental exploration, today it is a solid reality, aligned with the most advanced communication standards. Limenmusic main focus is the production of cultural contents, with classical music at the forefront and jazz music in second place. Music is the focal point from which departs the interest for every other art form – literature, poetry, painting/visual arts, architecture, sculpture, and performing arts. Our audio/video projects are aimed at different platforms (web tv, traditional television, digital terrestrial, satellite, mobile, new media), and the whole production system is completely ready for High Definition video. Thanks to a revolutionary model designed in-house, Limenmusic today realizes more than 100 productions (concerts, interviews, talks, documentaries and so on) per year. In 2007 Limenmusic launched an highly evolved Web tv (www.limenmusic.com), with a full schedule, accessible live or on demand, with two thematic channels: classical and jazz.


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